A handler that allows you to handle SockJS connections from clients.

We currently support version 0.3.3 of the SockJS protocol, which can be found in this tag:

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SockJSHandler(SockJSHandler unknown)
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hash, string
bridgeshared default SockJSHandler bridge(BridgeOptions bridgeOptions)

Bridge the SockJS handler to the Vert.x event bus. This basically installs a built-in SockJS socket handler which takes SockJS traffic and bridges it to the event bus, thus allowing you to extend the server-side Vert.x event bus to browsers

  • bridgeOptions

    options to configure the bridge with

bridgeshared default SockJSHandler bridge(BridgeOptions bridgeOptions, Anything(BridgeEvent) bridgeEventHandler)

Like bridge but specifying a handler that will receive bridge events.

  • bridgeOptions

    options to configure the bridge with

  • bridgeEventHandler

    handler to receive bridge events

handleshared default void handle(RoutingContext arg0)
socketHandlershared default SockJSHandler socketHandler(Anything(SockJSSocket) handler)

Set a SockJS socket handler. This handler will be called with a SockJS socket whenever a SockJS connection is made from a client

  • handler

    the handler

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