basicAuthHandlershared basicAuthHandler basicAuthHandler
bodyHandlershared bodyHandler bodyHandler
chainAuthHandlershared chainAuthHandler chainAuthHandler
cookieHandlershared cookieHandler cookieHandler
corsHandlershared corsHandler corsHandler
csrfHandlershared csrfHandler csrfHandler
defaultshared default default

remote-client - - [timestamp] “method uri versionstatus content-lengthreferrer” “user-agent

digestAuthHandlershared digestAuthHandler digestAuthHandler
errorHandlershared errorHandler errorHandler
faviconHandlershared faviconHandler faviconHandler
formLoginHandlershared formLoginHandler formLoginHandler
jwtAuthHandlershared jwtAuthHandler jwtAuthHandler
loggerFormatshared loggerFormat loggerFormat
loggerHandlershared loggerHandler loggerHandler
oAuth2AuthHandlershared oAuth2AuthHandler oAuth2AuthHandler
redirectAuthHandlershared redirectAuthHandler redirectAuthHandler
responseContentTypeHandlershared responseContentTypeHandler responseContentTypeHandler
responseTimeHandlershared responseTimeHandler responseTimeHandler
sessionHandlershared sessionHandler sessionHandler
shortshared short short

remote-client - method uri version status content-length duration ms

staticHandlershared staticHandler staticHandler
templateHandlershared templateHandler templateHandler
timeoutHandlershared timeoutHandler timeoutHandler
tinyshared tiny tiny

method uri status - content-length duration

userSessionHandlershared userSessionHandler userSessionHandler
virtualHostHandlershared virtualHostHandler virtualHostHandler
AuthHandlershared AuthHandler

Base interface for auth handlers.

An auth handler allows your application to provide authentication/authorisation support.

Auth handler requires a SessionHandler to be on the routing chain before it.

BasicAuthHandlershared BasicAuthHandler

An auth handler that provides HTTP Basic Authentication support.

BodyHandlershared BodyHandler

A handler which gathers the entire request body and sets it on the .

It also handles HTTP file uploads and can be used to limit body sizes.

CSRFHandlershared CSRFHandler

This handler adds a CSRF token to requests which mutate state. In order change the state a (XSRF-TOKEN) cookie is set with a unique token, that is expected to be sent back in a (X-XSRF-TOKEN) header.

The behavior is to check the request body header and cookie for validity.

This Handler requires session support, thus should be added somewhere below Session and Body handlers.

ChainAuthHandlershared ChainAuthHandler

An auth handler that chains to a sequence of handlers.

CookieHandlershared CookieHandler

A handler which decodes cookies from the request, makes them available in the and writes them back in the response.

CorsHandlershared CorsHandler

A handler which implements server side[CORS] support for Vert.x-Web.

DigestAuthHandlershared DigestAuthHandler

An auth handler that provides HTTP Basic Authentication support.

ErrorHandlershared ErrorHandler

A pretty error handler for rendering error pages.

FaviconHandlershared FaviconHandler

A handler that serves favicons.

If no file system path is specified it will attempt to serve a resource called favicon.ico from the classpath.

FormLoginHandlershared FormLoginHandler

Handler that handles login from a form on a custom login page.

Used in conjunction with the RedirectAuthHandler.

JWTAuthHandlershared JWTAuthHandler

An auth handler that provides JWT Authentication support.

LoggerFormatshared abstract LoggerFormat

The possible out of the box formats.

LoggerHandlershared LoggerHandler

A handler which logs request information to the Vert.x logger.

OAuth2AuthHandlershared OAuth2AuthHandler

An auth handler that provides OAuth2 Authentication support. This handler is suitable for AuthCode flows.

RedirectAuthHandlershared RedirectAuthHandler

An auth handler that's used to handle auth by redirecting user to a custom login page.

ResponseContentTypeHandlershared ResponseContentTypeHandler

A handler which sets the response content type automatically according to the best Accept header match.

The header is set only if:

  • no object is stored in the routing context under the name [ResponseContentTypeHandler](../handler/ResponseContentTypeHandler.type.html)
  • a match is found
  • the header is not present already
  • content length header is absent or set to something different than zero
ResponseTimeHandlershared ResponseTimeHandler

Handler which adds a header x-response-time in the response of matching requests containing the time taken in ms to process the request.

SessionHandlershared SessionHandler

A handler that maintains a Session for each browser session.

It looks up the session for each request based on a session cookie which contains a session ID. It stores the session when the response is ended in the session store.

The session is available on the routing context with .

The session handler requires a CookieHandler to be on the routing chain before it.

StaticHandlershared StaticHandler

A handler for serving static resources from the file system or classpath.

TemplateHandlershared TemplateHandler

A handler which renders responses using a template engine and where the template name is selected from the URI path.

TimeoutHandlershared TimeoutHandler

Handler that will timeout requests if the response has not been written after a certain time. Timeout requests will be ended with an HTTP status code 503.

UserSessionHandlershared UserSessionHandler

This handler should be used if you want to store the User object in the Session so it's available between different requests, without you having re-authenticate each time.

It requires that the session handler is already present on previous matching routes.

It requires an Auth provider so, if the user is deserialized from a clustered session it knows which Auth provider to associate the session with.

VirtualHostHandlershared VirtualHostHandler

Handler that will filter requests based on the request Host name.

basicAuthHandlershared basicAuthHandler
bodyHandlershared bodyHandler
chainAuthHandlershared chainAuthHandler
cookieHandlershared cookieHandler
corsHandlershared corsHandler
csrfHandlershared csrfHandler
defaultshared default

remote-client - - [timestamp] “method uri versionstatus content-lengthreferrer” “user-agent

digestAuthHandlershared digestAuthHandler
errorHandlershared errorHandler
faviconHandlershared faviconHandler
formLoginHandlershared formLoginHandler
jwtAuthHandlershared jwtAuthHandler
loggerFormatshared loggerFormat
loggerHandlershared loggerHandler
oAuth2AuthHandlershared oAuth2AuthHandler
redirectAuthHandlershared redirectAuthHandler
responseContentTypeHandlershared responseContentTypeHandler
responseTimeHandlershared responseTimeHandler
sessionHandlershared sessionHandler
shortshared short

remote-client - method uri version status content-length duration ms

staticHandlershared staticHandler
templateHandlershared templateHandler
timeoutHandlershared timeoutHandler
tinyshared tiny

method uri status - content-length duration

userSessionHandlershared userSessionHandler
virtualHostHandlershared virtualHostHandler