An auth handler that's used to handle auth by redirecting user to a custom login page.

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RedirectAuthHandler(RedirectAuthHandler unknown)
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hash, string
addAuthoritiesshared actual default AuthHandler addAuthorities(Set<String> authorities)

Add a set of required authorities for this auth handler

  • authorities

    the set of authorities

addAuthorityshared actual default AuthHandler addAuthority(String authority)

Add a required authority for this auth handler

  • authority

    the authority

authorizeshared actual default void authorize(User user, Anything(Throwable?) handler)

Authorizes the given user against all added authorities.

  • user

    a user.

  • handler

    the handler for the result.

handleshared actual default void handle(RoutingContext arg0)
parseCredentialsshared actual default void parseCredentials(RoutingContext context, Anything(Throwable|Object) handler)

Parses the credentials from the request into a JsonObject. The implementation should be able to extract the required info for the auth provider in the format the provider expects.

  • context

    the routing context

  • handler

    the handler to be called once the information is available.

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