Handler that handles login from a form on a custom login page.

Used in conjunction with the RedirectAuthHandler.

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FormLoginHandler(FormLoginHandler unknown)
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hash, string
handleshared default void handle(RoutingContext arg0)
setDirectLoggedInOKURLshared default FormLoginHandler setDirectLoggedInOKURL(String directLoggedInOKURL)

Set the url to redirect to if the user logs in directly at the url of the form login handler without being redirected here first

  • directLoggedInOKURL

    the URL to redirect to

setPasswordParamshared default FormLoginHandler setPasswordParam(String passwordParam)

Set the name of the form param used to submit the password

  • passwordParam

    the name of the param

setReturnURLParamshared default FormLoginHandler setReturnURLParam(String returnURLParam)

Set the name of the session attrioute used to specify the return url

  • returnURLParam

    the name of the param

setUsernameParamshared default FormLoginHandler setUsernameParam(String usernameParam)

Set the name of the form param used to submit the username

  • usernameParam

    the name of the param

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