A handler which gathers the entire request body and sets it on the .

It also handles HTTP file uploads and can be used to limit body sizes.

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BodyHandler(BodyHandler unknown)
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hash, string
handleshared default void handle(RoutingContext arg0)
setBodyLimitshared default BodyHandler setBodyLimit(Integer bodyLimit)

Set the maximum body size -1 means unlimited

  • bodyLimit

    the max size

setDeleteUploadedFilesOnEndshared default BodyHandler setDeleteUploadedFilesOnEnd(Boolean deleteUploadedFilesOnEnd)

Set whether uploaded files should be removed after handling the request

  • deleteUploadedFilesOnEnd

    true if uploaded files should be removed after handling the request

setMergeFormAttributesshared default BodyHandler setMergeFormAttributes(Boolean mergeFormAttributes)

Set whether form attributes will be added to the request parameters

  • mergeFormAttributes

    true if they should be merged

setUploadsDirectoryshared default BodyHandler setUploadsDirectory(String uploadsDirectory)

Set the uploads directory to use

  • uploadsDirectory

    the uploads directory

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