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hash, string
isMatchedByshared Boolean isMatchedBy(ParsedHeaderValue matchTry)

Test if this header is matched by matchTry header

  • matchTry

    The header to be matched from

isPermittedshared Boolean isPermitted()

Is this an allowed operation as specified by the corresponding header?

parametershared String? parameter(String key)

The value of the parameter specified by this key. Each is one of 3 things:

  1. null <- That key was not specified
  2. ParsedHeaderValue.EMPTY (tested using ==) <- The value was not specified
  3. [Other] <- The value of the parameter

Note: The q parameter is never present.

parametersshared Map<String,String> parameters()

The parameters specified in this header value. Note: The q parameter is never present.

rawValueshared String rawValue()

Contains the raw value that was received from the user agent

valueshared String value()

Holds the unparsed value of the header.
For the most part, this is the content before the semi-colon (“;“)

weightshared Float weight()

Holds the weight specified in the “q” parameter of the header.
If the parameter is not specified, 1.0 is assumed according to rfc7231

weightedOrdershared Integer weightedOrder()

An integer that represents the absolute order position of this header

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