A JSON event emited by the JsonParser.

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JsonEvent(JsonEvent unknown)
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hash, string
arrayValueshared default Array arrayValue()
binaryValueshared default Buffer binaryValue()

Return the binary value.

JSON itself has no notion of a binary, this extension complies to the RFC-7493, so this method assumes there is a String value with the key and it contains a Base64 encoded binary, which it decodes if found and returns.

booleanValueshared default Boolean booleanValue()
doubleValueshared default Float doubleValue()
fieldNameshared default String fieldName()
floatValueshared default Float floatValue()
integerValueshared default Integer integerValue()
isArrayshared default Boolean isArray()
isBooleanshared default Boolean isBoolean()
isNullshared default Boolean isNull()
isNumbershared default Boolean isNumber()
isObjectshared default Boolean isObject()
isStringshared default Boolean isString()
longValueshared default Integer longValue()
mapToshared default T? mapTo<T>()

Decodes and returns the current value as the specified type.

objectValueshared default Object objectValue()
stringValueshared default String stringValue()
typeshared default String type()
valueshared default Object? value()
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