datagramSocketOptionsshared datagramSocketOptions datagramSocketOptions
DatagramPacketshared DatagramPacket

A received datagram packet (UDP) which contains the data and information about the sender of the data itself.

DatagramSocketshared DatagramSocket

A datagram socket can be used to send DatagramPacket's to remote datagram servers and receive DatagramPackets .

Usually you use a datagram socket to send UDP over the wire. UDP is connection-less which means you are not connected to the remote peer in a persistent way. Because of this you have to supply the address and port of the remote peer when sending data.

You can send data to ipv4 or ipv6 addresses, which also include multicast addresses.

Please consult the documentation for more information on datagram sockets.

DatagramSocketOptionsshared DatagramSocketOptions

Options used to configure a datagram socket.

datagramSocketOptionsshared datagramSocketOptions