argumentshared argument argument
clishared cli cli
commandLineshared commandLine commandLine
optionshared option option
Argumentshared Argument

Defines a command line argument. Unlike options, argument don't have names and are identified using an index. The first index is 0 (because we are in the computer world).

CLIshared CLI

Interface defining a command-line interface (in other words a command such as 'run', 'ls'…). This interface is polyglot to ease reuse such as in Vert.x Shell.

A command line interface has a name, and defines a set of options and arguments. Options are key-value pair such as -foo=bar or -flag. The supported formats depend on the used parser. Arguments are unlike options raw values. Options are defined using Option, while argument are defined using Argument.

Command line interfaces also define a summary and a description. These attributes are used in the usage generation . To disable the help generation, set the hidden attribute to true.

Command Line Interface object does not contains “value”, it's a model. It must be evaluated by a parser that returns a CommandLine object containing the argument and option values.

CommandLineshared CommandLine

The parser transforms a CLI (a model) into an CommandLine. This CommandLine has stored the argument and option values. Only instance of parser should create objects of this type.

Optionshared Option

Models command line options. Options are values passed to a command line interface using -x or –x. Supported syntaxes depend on the parser.

Short name is generally used with a single dash, while long name requires a double-dash.

argumentshared argument
clishared cli
commandLineshared commandLine
optionshared option