Pumps data from a ReadStream to a WriteStream and performs flow control where necessary to prevent the write stream buffer from getting overfull.

Instances of this class read items from a ReadStream and write them to a WriteStream. If data can be read faster than it can be written this could result in the write queue of the WriteStream growing without bound, eventually causing it to exhaust all available RAM.

To prevent this, after each write, instances of this class check whether the write queue of the WriteStream is full, and if so, the ReadStream is paused, and a drainHandler is set on the WriteStream.

When the WriteStream has processed half of its backlog, the drainHandler will be called, which results in the pump resuming the ReadStream.

This class can be used to pump from any ReadStream to any WriteStream, e.g. from an HttpServerRequest to an AsyncFile, or from NetSocket to a WebSocket.

Please see the documentation for more information.

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Pump(Pump unknown)
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hash, string
numberPumpedshared default Integer numberPumped()

Return the total number of items pumped by this pump.

setWriteQueueMaxSizeshared default Pump setWriteQueueMaxSize(Integer maxSize)

Set the write queue max size to maxSize

  • maxSize

    the max size

startshared default Pump start()

Start the Pump. The Pump can be started and stopped multiple times.

stopshared default Pump stop()

Stop the Pump. The Pump can be started and stopped multiple times.

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