Key or trust store options configuring private key and/or certificates based on PKCS#12 files.

When used as a key store, it should point to a store containing a private key and its certificate. When used as a trust store, it should point to a store containing a list of accepted certificates.

The store can either be loaded by Vert.x from the filesystem:

 HttpServerOptions options = new HttpServerOptions();
 options.setPfxKeyCertOptions(new PfxOptions().setPath("/mykeystore.p12").setPassword("foo"));

Or directly provided as a buffer:

 Buffer store = vertx.fileSystem().readFileSync("/mykeystore.p12");
 options.setPfxKeyCertOptions(new PfxOptions().setValue(store).setPassword("foo"));
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PfxOptions(String? password = null, String? path = null)
  • password = null

    Set the password

  • path = null

    Set the path

passwordshared String? password

Set the password

pathshared String? path

Set the path

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