A TCP client.

Multiple connections to different servers can be made using the same instance.

This client supports a configurable number of connection attempts and a configurable delay between attempts.

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NetClient(NetClient unknown)
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hash, string
closeshared default void close()

Close the client.

Any sockets which have not been closed manually will be closed here. The close is asynchronous and may not complete until some time after the method has returned.

connectshared default NetClient connect(Integer port, String host, Anything(Throwable|NetSocket) connectHandler)

Open a connection to a server at the specific port and host.

host can be a valid host name or IP address. The connect is done asynchronously and on success, a NetSocket instance is supplied via the connectHandler instance

  • port

    the port

  • host

    the host

isMetricsEnabledshared actual default Boolean isMetricsEnabled()

Whether the metrics are enabled for this measured object

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