A stream for HttpClient WebSocket connection.

When the connection attempt is successful, the stream handler is called back with the WebSocket argument, immediately followed by a call to the end handler. When the connection attempt fails, the exception handler is invoked.

The connection occurs when the handler method is called with a non null handler, the other handlers should be set before setting the handler.

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WebSocketStream(WebSocketStream unknown)
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endHandlershared actual default WebSocketStream endHandler(Anything()? endHandler)

Set an end handler. Once the stream has ended, and there is no more data to be read, this handler will be called.

exceptionHandlershared actual default WebSocketStream exceptionHandler(Anything(Throwable)? handler)

Set an exception handler.

handlershared actual default WebSocketStream handler(Anything(WebSocket)? handler)

Set a data handler. As data is read, the handler will be called with the data.

pauseshared actual default WebSocketStream pause()

Pause the ReadSupport. While it's paused, no data will be sent to the dataHandler

resumeshared actual default WebSocketStream resume()

Resume reading. If the ReadSupport has been paused, reading will recommence on it.

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