A WebSocket frame that represents either text or binary data.

A WebSocket message is composed of one or more WebSocket frames.

If there is a just a single frame in the message then a single text or binary frame should be created with final = true.

If there are more than one frames in the message, then the first frame should be a text or binary frame with final = false, followed by one or more continuation frames. The last continuation frame should have final = true.

no subtypes hierarchy

WebSocketFrame(WebSocketFrame unknown)
Inherited Attributes
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hash, string
binaryDatashared default Buffer binaryData()

@return the data of the frame

isBinaryshared default Boolean isBinary()

@return true if it's a binary frame

isContinuationshared default Boolean isContinuation()

@return true if it's a continuation frame

isFinalshared default Boolean isFinal()

@return true if this is the final frame.

isTextshared default Boolean isText()

@return true if it's a text frame

textDatashared default String textData()

@return the content of this frame as a UTF-8 string and returns the converted string. Only use this for text frames.

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