openOptionsshared openOptions openOptions
AsyncFileshared AsyncFile

Represents a file on the file-system which can be read from, or written to asynchronously.

This class also implements ReadStream and WriteStream. This allows the data to be pumped to and from other streams, e.g. an HttpClientRequest instance, using the Pump class

FilePropsshared FileProps

Represents properties of a file on the file system.

FileSystemshared FileSystem

Contains a broad set of operations for manipulating files on the file system.

A (potential) blocking and non blocking version of each operation is provided.

The non blocking versions take a handler which is called when the operation completes or an error occurs.

The blocking versions are named xxxBlocking and return the results, or throw exceptions directly. In many cases, depending on the operating system and file system some of the potentially blocking operations can return quickly, which is why we provide them, but it's highly recommended that you test how long they take to return in your particular application before using them on an event loop.

Please consult the documentation for more information on file system support.

FileSystemPropsshared FileSystemProps

Represents properties of the file system.

OpenOptionsshared OpenOptions

Describes how an AsyncFile should be opened.

openOptionsshared openOptions