A shared set, this class does not use MutableSet at the moment to remain compatible between Ceylon 1.0 and 1.1.

no type hierarchy

no subtypes hierarchy

Inherited Attributes
Attributes inherited from: Object
hash, string
Attributes inherited from: Iterable<Element,Absent>
coalesced, cycled, empty, exceptLast, first, indexed, last, paired, rest, size, string
addshared formal Boolean add(Element element)

Add an element to this set, returning true if the element was already a member of the set, or false otherwise.

clearshared formal void clear()

Remove every element from this set, leaving an empty set.

removeshared formal Boolean remove(Element element)

Remove an element from this set, returning true if the element was previously a member of the set.

Inherited Methods
Methods inherited from: Object
Methods inherited from: Category<Element>
contains, containsAny, containsEvery
Methods inherited from: Iterable<Element,Absent>
any, by, chain, collect, count, defaultNullElements, every, filter, find, findLast, flatMap, fold, follow, getFromFirst, interpose, iterator, longerThan, map, max, partition, product, reduce, repeat, scan, select, sequence, shorterThan, skip, skipWhile, sort, spread, take, takeWhile