Represents a server side WebSocket that is passed into a the websocketHandler of an HttpServer

Instances of this class are not thread-safe

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ServerWebSocket(ServerWebSocket delegate)
headersshared MultiMap headers

A map of all headers in the request to upgrade to websocket

pathshared String path= delegate.path()

The path the websocket is attempting to connect at

queryshared String? query

The query string passed on the websocket uri

urishared String uri= delegate.uri()

The uri the websocket handshake occurred at

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hash, string
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rejectshared ServerWebSocket reject()

Reject the WebSocket

Calling this method from the websocketHandler gives you the opportunity to reject the websocket, which will cause the websocket handshake to fail by returning a 404 response code.

You might use this method, if for example you only want to accept websockets with a particular path.

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