Platform: Java
java.base (jvm)8
authOptionsshared authOptions authOptions
chainAuthshared chainAuth chainAuth
keyStoreOptionsshared keyStoreOptions keyStoreOptions
pubSecKeyOptionsshared pubSecKeyOptions pubSecKeyOptions
secretOptionsshared secretOptions secretOptions
vertxContextPRNGshared vertxContextPRNG vertxContextPRNG
AuthOptionsshared AuthOptions

A common base object for authentication options.

AuthProvidershared AuthProvider

User-facing interface for authenticating users.

ChainAuthshared ChainAuth

Chain several auth providers as if they were one. This is useful for cases where one want to authenticate across several providers, for example, database and fallback to passwd file.

KeyStoreOptionsshared KeyStoreOptions

Options describing how an JWT KeyStore should behave.

PubSecKeyOptionsshared PubSecKeyOptions

Options describing how a Cryptographic Key.

SecretOptionsshared SecretOptions

Options describing a secret.

Usershared User

Represents an authenticates User and contains operations to authorise the user.

Please consult the documentation for a detailed explanation.

VertxContextPRNGshared VertxContextPRNG

A secure non blocking random number generator isolated to the current context. The PRNG is bound to the vert.x context and setup to close when the context shuts down.

When applicable, use of VertxContextPRNG rather than create new PRNG objects is helpful to keep the system entropy usage to the minimum avoiding potential blocking across the application.

The use of VertxContextPRNG is particularly appropriate when multiple handlers use random numbers.

authOptionsshared authOptions
chainAuthshared chainAuth
keyStoreOptionsshared keyStoreOptions
pubSecKeyOptionsshared pubSecKeyOptions
secretOptionsshared secretOptions
vertxContextPRNGshared vertxContextPRNG