Wraps event bus to provide exchanging messages with previously created timer.
The object implementing interface is returned by Scheduler.createIntervalTimer() and Scheduler.createCronTimer().

Timer is sent timer fire or complete events with TimerEvent. To set timer event handler call handler().

Complete event is always published.

By: Lis
See also Scheduler
Since 0.2.0

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nameshared formal String name

Full name of the timer, i.e. “scheduler name:timer name”.

Inherited Attributes
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hash, string
deleteshared formal void delete()

Stops and removes this timer.

handlershared formal void handler(Anything(TimerEvent) handler)

Sets the handler for the timer events. Replaces previous one if has been set.

infoshared formal void info(Anything(Throwable|TimerInfo) info)

Requests timer info.

  • info

    Info handler.

pauseshared formal void pause()

Pauses this timer.

See also resume()
resumeshared formal void resume()

Resumes this timer after pausing.

See also pause()
unregistershared formal void unregister()

Unregister the handler from the event bus, while keep timer alive.

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