Enum class for the (supported) tags in tag class UNIVERSAL.

no subtypes hierarchy

bitStringshared bitString

Standard tag for BIT STRING, tag number 3

booleanshared boolean

Standard tag for BOOLEAN, tag number 1

generalizedTimeshared generalizedTime

Standard tag for GeneralizedTime, tag number 24

ia5Stringshared ia5String

Standard tag for IA5String, tag number 22

integershared integer

Standard tag for INTEGER, tag number 2

nullshared null

Standard tag for NULL, tag number 5

objectIdentifiershared objectIdentifier

Standard tag for OBJECT IDENTIFIER, tag number 6

octetStringshared octetString

Standard tag for OCTET STRING, tag number 4

printableStringshared printableString

Standard tag for PrintableString, tag number 19

sequenceshared sequence

Standard tag for SEQUENCE and SEQUENCE OF, tag number 16

setshared set

Standard tag for SET and SET OF, tag number 17

utcTimeshared utcTime

Standard tag for UTCTime, tag number 23

utf8Stringshared utf8String

Standard tag for UTF8String, tag number 12

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