An experimental helper decoder that does calculation and return of the next position value. It is questionable if that is really of much use.

StdDecoder(Tag tag)
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hash, string
decodeContentsshared formal Asn1Type|DecodingError decodeContents(Byte[] contents, IdentityInfo identityInfo, Integer lengthOctetsOffset, Integer contentsOctetsOffset)

Decode and return only the contents. But to return a good DecodingError, otherwise useless offset info must be passed.

decodeGivenTagAndLengthshared actual [Asn1Type, Integer]|DecodingError decodeGivenTagAndLength(Byte[] input, Integer offset, IdentityInfo identityInfo, Integer length, Integer identityOctetsOffset, Integer lengthOctetsOffset, Boolean violatesDer)

Decodes the contents octets part of the encoded value. Implementations must ensure that they use all contents bits and return a DecodingError if not. A DecodingError must also be returned if the input is shorter than indicated by length.

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