Manages type information of a SEQUENCE component of type ANY DEFINED BY.

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hash, string
indexOfRelevantDiscriminatorshared formal Integer indexOfRelevantDiscriminator()

The index (starting at 0) of the SEQUENCE entry that determines the type of the ANY component. The entry (discriminator) must have type INTEGER or OBJECT IDENTIFIER.

selectDecodershared Decoder<Asn1Value<Anything>>|DecodingError selectDecoder(GenericAsn1Value?[] decodedElements)

Returns a decoder for the ANY component by selecting the discriminator value from all SEQUENCE entries decoded so far. Returns DecodingError if no decoder is known for the determined discriminator value.

selectDecoderDefinedByshared formal Decoder<Asn1Value<Anything>>? selectDecoderDefinedBy(ObjectIdentifier|Asn1Integer discriminator)

Returns a decoder for the ANY component, determined by the discriminator's value, or null if no decoder is known for the discriminator value.

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