BaseExpressionInfo(BaseExpression node)
declarationSource Codeshared DeclarationModel declaration

The declaration of the target of the BaseExpression

nodeSource Codeshared actual BaseExpression node
Refines ExpressionInfo.node ultimately refines NodeInfo.node
parameterTypeSource Codeshared TypeModel? parameterType
signatureSource Codeshared List<TypeModel>? signature

If being invoked, the signature (arguments). This is based on the call-site, so type information matches the argument expressions, not the expected types. And, arguments not provided (for defaulted params) are not included.

staticMethodReferenceSource Codeshared Boolean staticMethodReference
staticMethodReferencePrimarySource Codeshared Boolean staticMethodReferencePrimary
targetSource Codeshared TypeModel|TypedReferenceModel target

The declaration and type arguments of the target of the BaseExpression, or the type if the target is a type.

targetParameterSource Codeshared TypedReferenceModel? targetParameter
tcNodeSource Codeshared actual TcNodeType tcNode
Refines ExpressionInfo.tcNode ultimately refines NodeInfo.tcNode
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hash, string
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Nested Aliases
TcNodeTypeSource Codeshared TcNodeType=> Tree.StaticMemberOrTypeExpression