DartPrimarySource Codeshared DartPrimary=> DartIdentifier|DartLiteral|DartMethodInvocation|DartParenthesizedExpression|DartPropertyAccess|DartFunctionExpressionInvocation
dartFormalParameterListEmptySource Codeshared DartFormalParameterList dartFormalParameterListEmpty
createAssignmentStatementSource Codeshared DartExpressionStatement createAssignmentStatement(DartExpression lhsExpression, DartAssignmentOperator operator, DartExpression rhsExpression)
createDartPrefixedIdentifierSource Codeshared DartPrefixedIdentifier|DartSimpleIdentifier createDartPrefixedIdentifier(DartSimpleIdentifier? prefix, DartSimpleIdentifier identifier)
createDartPropertyAccessSource Codeshared DartPropertyAccess|DartSimpleIdentifier createDartPropertyAccess(DartExpression? target, DartSimpleIdentifier propertyName)
createExpressionEvaluationWithSetupSource Codeshared DartExpression createExpressionEvaluationWithSetup(DartStatement[] setup, DartExpression expression)

Returns an invoked function that executes setup and returns expression if setup is nonempty. Returns expression otherwise.

createIfStatementSource Codeshared DartIfStatement createIfStatement([[DartExpression, DartBlock]+] parts, DartBlock? finalElse = null)
  • finalElse = null
createInlineDartStatementsSource Codeshared DartFunctionExpressionInvocation createInlineDartStatements(DartStatement[] statements)
  • statements

    Zero or more statements, followed by a Return

createMethodInvocationStatementSource Codeshared DartExpressionStatement createMethodInvocationStatement(DartExpression? target, DartSimpleIdentifier methodName, DartArgumentList argumentList)
createNullSafeExpressionSource Codeshared DartExpression createNullSafeExpression(DartSimpleIdentifier parameterIdentifier, DartTypeName parameterType, DartExpression maybeNullExpression, DartExpression ifNullExpression, DartExpression ifNotNullExpression)

Create a null safe expression. This function performs no explicit boxing or casting, as is obvious by the fact that the input expression parameters are not callables.

Note: technically the invocation should be cast to the expected lhs type, since Dart appears to treat the result of anonymous function invocations as var. Regular boxing won't work, since we can't claim to be returning Anything; we may actually be returning an erasedToNative value. So lets not get too pedantic.

createVariableDeclarationSource Codeshared DartVariableDeclarationStatement createVariableDeclaration(DartTypeName dartTypeName, DartSimpleIdentifier identifier, DartExpression? initializer)
CodeWriterSource Codeshared CodeWriter
ConstructorFieldInitializerSource Codeshared ConstructorFieldInitializer

The initialization of a field within a constructor's initialization list.

DartAnnotatedNodeSource Codeshared abstract DartAnnotatedNode

An AST node that can be annotated with both a documentation comment and a list of annotations.

DartArgumentListSource Codeshared DartArgumentList

A list of arguments in the invocation of an executable element (that is, a function, method, or constructor).

DartAsExpressionSource Codeshared DartAsExpression
DartAssignmentExpressionSource Codeshared DartAssignmentExpression

An assignment expression.

DartAssignmentOperatorSource Codeshared DartAssignmentOperator
DartAwaitExpressionSource Codeshared DartAwaitExpression
DartBinaryExpressionSource Codeshared DartBinaryExpression

A binary (infix) expression.

DartBlockSource Codeshared DartBlock

A sequence of statements.

DartBlockFunctionBodySource Codeshared DartBlockFunctionBody

A function body that consists of a block of statements.

DartBooleanLiteralSource Codeshared DartBooleanLiteral

A boolean literal expression.

DartBreakStatementSource Codeshared DartBreakStatement

A break statement.

DartCatchClauseSource Codeshared DartCatchClause

A catch clause within a try statement.

DartClassDeclarationSource Codeshared DartClassDeclaration
DartClassMemberSource Codeshared abstract DartClassMember
DartCompilationUnitSource Codeshared DartCompilationUnit

A compilation unit.

DartCompilationUnitMemberSource Codeshared abstract DartCompilationUnitMember

A node that declares one or more names within the scope of a compilation unit.

DartConditionalExpressionSource Codeshared DartConditionalExpression

A conditional expression.

DartConstructorDeclarationSource Codeshared DartConstructorDeclaration
DartConstructorInitializerSource Codeshared abstract DartConstructorInitializer
DartConstructorNameSource Codeshared DartConstructorName

The name of the constructor.

DartContinueStatementSource Codeshared DartContinueStatement

A continue statement.

DartDeclarationSource Codeshared abstract DartDeclaration

A node that represents the declaration of one or more names. Each declared name is visible within a name scope

DartDefaultFormalParameterSource Codeshared DartDefaultFormalParameter

A formal parameter with a default value. There are two kinds of parameters that are both represented by this class: named formal parameters and positional formal parameters.

DartDirectiveSource Codeshared abstract DartDirective

A node that represents a directive.

DartDoubleLiteralSource Codeshared DartDoubleLiteral

A floating point literal expression.

DartExpressionSource Codeshared abstract DartExpression

A node that represents an expression.

DartExpressionFunctionBodySource Codeshared DartExpressionFunctionBody

A function body consisting of a single expression.

DartExpressionStatementSource Codeshared DartExpressionStatement

An expression used as a statement.

DartExtendsClauseSource Codeshared DartExtendsClause
DartFieldDeclarationSource Codeshared DartFieldDeclaration
DartFieldFormalParameterSource Codeshared DartFieldFormalParameter

A field formal parameter.

DartFormalParameterSource Codeshared abstract DartFormalParameter

A node representing a parameter to a function.

DartFormalParameterListSource Codeshared DartFormalParameterList

The formal parameter list of a method declaration, function declaration, or function type alias.

DartFunctionBodySource Codeshared abstract DartFunctionBody

A node representing the body of a function or method.

DartFunctionDeclarationSource Codeshared DartFunctionDeclaration

A top-level declaration.

DartFunctionDeclarationStatementSource Codeshared DartFunctionDeclarationStatement

A DartFunctionDeclaration used as a statement.

DartFunctionExpressionSource Codeshared DartFunctionExpression

A function expression

DartFunctionExpressionInvocationSource Codeshared DartFunctionExpressionInvocation

The invocation of a function resulting from evaluating an expression. Invocations of methods and other forms of functions are represented by DartMethodInvocation nodes. Invocations of getters and setters are represented by either DartPrefixedIdentifier or DartPropertyAccess nodes.

DartIdentifierSource Codeshared abstract DartIdentifier

A node that represents an identifier.

DartIfStatementSource Codeshared DartIfStatement

An if statement.

DartImplementsClauseSource Codeshared DartImplementsClause
DartImportDirectiveSource Codeshared DartImportDirective

An import directive.

DartIndexExpressionSource Codeshared DartIndexExpression
DartInstanceCreationExpressionSource Codeshared DartInstanceCreationExpression

An instance creation expression.

DartIntegerLiteralSource Codeshared DartIntegerLiteral

An integer literal expression.

DartIsExpressionSource Codeshared DartIsExpression

An is expression.

DartListLiteralSource Codeshared DartListLiteral

A list literal.

DartLiteralSource Codeshared abstract DartLiteral

A node that represents a literal expression.

DartMapLiteralSource Codeshared DartMapLiteral

A map literal.

DartMapLiteralEntrySource Codeshared DartMapLiteralEntry
DartMethodDeclarationSource Codeshared DartMethodDeclaration
DartMethodInvocationSource Codeshared DartMethodInvocation

The invocation of either a function or a method. Invocations of functions resulting from evaluating an expression are represented by DartFunctionExpressionInvocation nodes. Invocations of getters and setters are represented by either DartPrefixedIdentifier or DartPropertyAccess nodes.

DartNamedCompilationUnitMemberSource Codeshared abstract DartNamedCompilationUnitMember

A node that declares a single name within the scope of a compilation unit.

DartNamespaceDirectiveSource Codeshared abstract DartNamespaceDirective

A node that represents a directive that impacts the namespace of a library.

DartNodeSource Codeshared abstract DartNode
DartNormalFormalParameterSource Codeshared abstract DartNormalFormalParameter

A formal parameter that is required (is not optional).

DartNullLiteralSource Codeshared DartNullLiteral

A null literal expression.

DartParenthesizedExpressionSource Codeshared DartParenthesizedExpression

A parenthesized expression.

DartPrefixExpressionSource Codeshared DartPrefixExpression

A prefix unary expression.

DartPrefixedIdentifierSource Codeshared DartPrefixedIdentifier

An identifier that is prefixed or an access to an object property where the target of the property access is a simple identifier.

DartPropertyAccessSource Codeshared DartPropertyAccess

The access of a property of an object. Note: DartPrefixedIdentifier can also be used.

DartRedirectingConstructorInvocationSource Codeshared DartRedirectingConstructorInvocation

The invocation of a constructor in the same class from within a constructor's initialization list.

DartRethrowExpressionSource Codeshared DartRethrowExpression

A rethrow expression.

DartReturnStatementSource Codeshared DartReturnStatement

A return statement.

DartSimpleFormalParameterSource Codeshared DartSimpleFormalParameter

A simple formal parameter.

DartSimpleIdentifierSource Codeshared DartSimpleIdentifier

A simple identifier.

DartSimpleStringLiteralSource Codeshared DartSimpleStringLiteral

A string literal expression that does not contain any interpolations.

DartSingleStringLiteralSource Codeshared abstract DartSingleStringLiteral

A single string literal expression.

DartStatementSource Codeshared abstract DartStatement

A node that represents a statement.

DartStringLiteralSource Codeshared abstract DartStringLiteral

A string literal expression.

DartSuperConstructorInvocationSource Codeshared DartSuperConstructorInvocation

The invocation of a superclass' constructor from within a constructor's initialization list

DartSwitchCaseSource Codeshared DartSwitchCase

A case in a switch statement.

DartSwitchDefaultSource Codeshared DartSwitchDefault

The default case in a switch statement.

DartSwitchMemberSource Codeshared abstract DartSwitchMember

An element within a switch statement

DartSwitchStatementSource Codeshared DartSwitchStatement

A switch statement.

DartThrowExpressionSource Codeshared DartThrowExpression

A throw expression.

DartTopLevelVariableDeclarationSource Codeshared DartTopLevelVariableDeclaration

The declaration of one or more top-level variables of the same type.

DartTryStatementSource Codeshared DartTryStatement

A try statement

DartTypeNameSource Codeshared DartTypeName

The name of a type, which can optionally include type arguments.

DartTypedLiteralSource Codeshared abstract DartTypedLiteral

A literal that has a type associated with it

DartUriBasedDirectiveSource Codeshared abstract DartUriBasedDirective

A directive that references a URI.

DartVariableDeclarationSource Codeshared DartVariableDeclaration

An identifier that has an initial value associated with it. Instances of this class are always children of the class DartVariableDeclarationList.

DartVariableDeclarationListSource Codeshared DartVariableDeclarationList

The declaration of one or more variables of the same type.

DartVariableDeclarationStatementSource Codeshared DartVariableDeclarationStatement

A list of variables that are being declared in a context where a statement is required.

DartWhileStatementSource Codeshared DartWhileStatement