This class should be extended with any elements and methods that should be kept in the Pool.

no subtypes hierarchy

PooledResource(Integer id)
idshared Integer id
lastUsageshared Instant lastUsage
obtainFromPoolshared variable Anything() obtainFromPool
releaseToPoolshared variable Anything() releaseToPool
Inherited Attributes
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hash, string
closeshared formal void close()
obtainshared actual default void obtain()

Obtain this resource. Called before the body of a try statement is executed.

If an exception is thrown by obtain(), then release() will not be called.

Refines Obtainable.obtain
releaseshared actual default void release(Throwable? error)

Release this resource. Called when execution of the body of a try statement ends, even if an exception propagates out of the body of the try.

Refines Obtainable.release
Inherited Methods
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obtain, release