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recoveryScanSource Codeshared formal void recoveryScan()

Recovery scans run periodically (the default is every 2 minutes). You may manually force an immediate recovery scan. A recovery scan attempts recovery on each entry in the transaction logs managed by this recovery manager instance

registerXAResourceRecoveryDataSourceSource Codeshared formal void registerXAResourceRecoveryDataSource(XADataSource dataSource)

Register a given JDBC XA dataSource that can be used by the recovery system for recovering pending transaction branches

startSource Codeshared formal void start(String? logLocation = null)

Start and initialize an instance of a transaction recovery manager.

There must be exactly one recovery service per set of transaction logs, so it is recommended that the recovery service runs in a dedicated process whenever multiple processes share the same set of transaction logs.

  • logLocation = null

    The directory name of the location of the transaction logs. If null then the directory from where the recovery manager was started is used

stopSource Codeshared formal void stop()

Stop this transaction recovery manager.

supportedDriversSource Codeshared formal String[] supportedDrivers()

Return a list of XA capable JDBC drivers that are known to work correctly with the transaction manager. Some drivers, even though they support XA, are not fully compliant so recovery is not guaranteed under all scenarios. If an unsupported driver is used then we recommend exhaustive testing. Drivers that are known to work correctly include:

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