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currentTransactionSource Codeshared formal Transaction? currentTransaction

A Transaction for controlling the transaction associated with the current thread, or null if there is no such current transaction.

transactionActiveSource Codeshared formal Boolean transactionActive

Determine if there is a transaction associated with the current thread.

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beginTransactionSource Codeshared formal Transaction beginTransaction()

Begin a new transaction and associate it with the current thread. Return a Transaction for controlling the new transaction.

newConnectionFromXADataSourceSource Codeshared formal Connection newConnectionFromXADataSource(XADataSource dataSource)

Obtain a XA connection source, that is, an instance of Connection(), for a given JDBC XA dataSource.

newConnectionFromXADataSourceWithCredentialsSource Codeshared formal Connection newConnectionFromXADataSourceWithCredentials(XADataSource dataSource, String[2] userNameAndPassword)

Obtain a connection source, that is, an instance of Connection(), for a given JDBC XA dataSource, and given credentials.

setTimeoutSource Codeshared formal void setTimeout(Integer seconds)

Modify the timeout value that is associated with transactions started by the current thread with the beginTransaction() method.

  • seconds

    The number of seconds after which the next transaction will be automatically rolled back if it is still active

startSource Codeshared formal void start(Boolean startRecovery = false)

Start and initialize an instance of the transaction manager.

If the startRecovery is true then an in-process transaction recovery service is also started. There must exactly one recovery service for any given set of transaction logs, so it is recommended that the recovery service be run in a dedicated process whenever multiple processes share the same set of transaction logs.

  • startRecovery = false
stopSource Codeshared formal void stop()

Stop this transaction manager.

Also stops the in-process transaction recovery service, if any.

transactionSource Codeshared formal Boolean transaction(Boolean do())

Perform the given work in a transaction.

  • do

    The work. Return false to roll back the transaction.

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