aprilSource Codeshared Integer april= 4
augustSource Codeshared Integer august= 8
decemberSource Codeshared Integer december= 12
epochSource Codeshared actual Integer epoch= rd(1)

Epoch of the gregorian calendar.

februarySource Codeshared Integer february= 2
januarySource Codeshared Integer january= 1
julySource Codeshared Integer july= 7
juneSource Codeshared Integer june= 6
marchSource Codeshared Integer march= 3
maySource Codeshared Integer may= 5
novemberSource Codeshared Integer november= 11
octoberSource Codeshared Integer october= 10
septemberSource Codeshared Integer september= 9
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checkDateSource Codeshared actual void checkDate(Integer[3] date)

Assert that specified date has it conjunction of year, month and day as valid gregorian values.

  • date
    • Invalid year value

    • Invalid date value

dateFromSource Codeshared actual Integer[3] dateFrom(Integer date)

Converts the fixed date value to an equivalent gregorian date.

dayFromSource Codeshared Integer dayFrom(Integer date)

Returns day of month value of the fixed date value.

dayOfWeekFromSource Codeshared Integer dayOfWeekFrom(Integer date)

Returns day of week value for the specified fixed date value.

fixedFromSource Codeshared actual Integer fixedFrom(Integer[3] date)

Return the day of era from a given date.

leapYearSource Codeshared actual Boolean leapYear(Integer year)

Gregorian leap year rule states that every fourth year is a leap year except century years not divisible by 400.

monthFromSource Codeshared Integer monthFrom(Integer date)

Returns the month number of the gregorian calendar from the fixed date value.

newYearSource Codeshared Integer newYear(Integer year)

Returns fixed date value of the first day of the gregorian year.

yearEndSource Codeshared Integer yearEnd(Integer year)

Returns fixed date value of the last day of the gregorian year.

yearFromSource Codeshared Integer yearFrom(Integer fixed)

Returns a gregorian year number of the fixed date value.

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