import ceylon.time {

"""Whether daylight saving time is being observed:
   * [[standardZoneRule]]: A hyphen, a kind of `null` value, 
     means that we have not set our clocks ahead of standard time.
   * [[PeriodZoneRule]]: An amount of time (usually but not necessarily `1:00` meaning one hour)
     means that we have set our clocks ahead by that amount.
   * [[BasedZoneRule]]: Some alphabetic string means that we might have set our clocks ahead;
     and we need to check the rule the name of which is the given alphabetic string."""
shared abstract class ZoneRule() of standardZoneRule | PeriodZoneRule | BasedZoneRule {}

shared object standardZoneRule extends ZoneRule(){}

shared class PeriodZoneRule(period) extends ZoneRule(){
    shared Period period;

shared class BasedZoneRule(ruleName) extends ZoneRule(){
    shared String ruleName;