By: Diego Coronel, Roland Tepp

All the models are intended to be unrelated of the database origin.

timeZoneSource Codeshared timeZone timeZone

Common utility methods for getting time zone instances.

parseTimeZoneSource Codeshared TimeZone|ParserError parseTimeZone(String offset)

Timezone offset parser based on ISO-8601, currently it accepts the following time zone offset patterns: ±[hh]:[mm], ±[hh][mm], and ±[hh]

In addition, the special code Z is recognized as a shorthand for +00:00

zoneDateTimeSource Codeshared ZoneDateTime zoneDateTime(TimeZone timeZone, Integer year, Integer|Month month, Integer date, Integer hour = 0, Integer minutes = 0, Integer seconds = 0, Integer millis = 0)

Returns a ZoneDateTime based on the specified TimeZone, year, month, day of month, hour, minute, second and millisecond values.

  • hour = 0
  • minutes = 0
  • seconds = 0
  • millis = 0
RuleBasedTimezoneSource Codeshared RuleBasedTimezone

This represents offsets based on daylight saving time.

TimeZoneSource Codeshared TimeZone

The interface representing a timezone.

ZoneDateTimeSource Codeshared ZoneDateTime

Instant of time in a specific time zone.

OffsetTimeZoneSource Codeshared OffsetTimeZone

A simple time zone with a constant offset from UTC.

ParserErrorSource Codeshared ParserError

Represents the problem that occurred while parsing. It can be recovered from message field

timeZoneSource Codeshared timeZone

Common utility methods for getting time zone instances.