Type Hierarchy:
Satisfied Interfaces: ReadableDuration, Scalable<Integer,Duration>

Duration specifies a discreet amount of milliseconds between two instances of time.

Duration(Integer milliseconds)
  • milliseconds

    Number of milliseconds of this duration.

millisecondsSource Code
shared actual Integer milliseconds

Number of milliseconds of this duration.

Refined declaration: milliseconds
periodSource Code
shared Period period

Returns this duration as a period of milliseconds.

stringSource Code
shared actual String string

Returns the string representation of this duration.

Refined declaration: string
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equalsSource Code
shared actual Boolean equals(Object other)

Duration is considered equal when type and milliseconds are the same.

Refined declaration: equals
scaleSource Code
shared actual Duration scale(Integer scale)

Returns a new Duration with it´s milliseconds scaled.

Refined declaration: scale
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