rootSource Codeshared root(TestRunner runner, TestRunResult result, TestExtensionResolver extensionResolver, Boolean async = false)

Constructor for root context.

  • async = false
descriptionSource Codeshared TestDescription description

The current test description.

parentSource Codeshared TestExecutionContext? parent

The parent context.

resultSource Codeshared TestRunResult result

The summary result of the test run.

runnerSource Codeshared TestRunner runner

The current test runner.

Inherited Attributes
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childContextSource Codeshared TestExecutionContext childContext(TestDescription description)

Create child context for given test.

executeSource Codeshared void execute(Anything()|{Anything()*}* tasks)

Schedule test tasks for execution.

extensionSource Codeshared TestExtensionType extension<TestExtensionType>()
given TestExtensionType satisfies TestExtension

Returns last registered instance of test extension with given type.

extensionsSource Codeshared TestExtensionType[] extensions<TestExtensionType>()
given TestExtensionType satisfies TestExtension

Returns all registered instances of test extensions with given type.

fireSource Codeshared TestListener fire()

Returns implementation of test listener, which is firing registered listeners.

registerExtensionSource Codeshared void registerExtension(TestExtension* extensions)

Register given test extension.

Inherited Methods
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