A TestListener which prints information about test execution.

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DefaultLoggingListener(void write(String line) = ...)
  • write = print(line)

    A function that log the given line.

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shared default String banner(String title)
testErrorshared actual void testError(TestErrorEvent event)

Called when a test will not be run, because some error has occurred. For example a invalid test function signature.

testFinishedshared actual void testFinished(TestFinishedEvent event)

Called when a test has finished, whether the test succeeds or not.

testRunFinishedshared actual void testRunFinished(TestRunFinishedEvent event)

Called after all tests have finished.

testRunStartedshared actual void testRunStarted(TestRunStartedEvent event)

Called before any tests have been run.

testStartedshared actual void testStarted(TestStartedEvent event)

Called when a test is about to be started.

writeBannerFailedshared default void writeBannerFailed(TestRunResult result)
writeBannerResultsshared default void writeBannerResults(TestRunResult result)
writeBannerStartshared default void writeBannerStart()
writeBannerSuccessshared default void writeBannerSuccess(TestRunResult result)
writeFailuresshared default void writeFailures(TestRunResult result)
writeSummaryshared default void writeSummary(TestRunResult result)
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