abortedSource Codeshared aborted

A test state is aborted, if its assumption is not met, see e.g. assumeTrue() and it propagates an TestAbortedException.

errorSource Codeshared error

A test state is error, if it propagates any exception which is not an AssertionError.

failureSource Codeshared failure

A test state is failure, if it propagates an AssertionError.

skippedSource Codeshared skipped

A test state is skipped, if its condition is not fullfiled, see TestCondition or e.g ignore() annotation.

successSource Codeshared success

A test state is success, if it complete normally (that is, does not throw an exception).

stringSource Codeshared actual String string

A developer-friendly string representing the instance. Concatenates the name of the concrete class of the instance with the hash of the instance. Subclasses are encouraged to refine this implementation to produce a more meaningful representation.

Inherited Attributes
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compareSource Codeshared actual Comparison compare(TestState other)

Compares this value with the given value. Implementations must respect the constraints that:

  • x==y if and only if x<=>y == equal (consistency with equals()),
  • if x>y then y<x (symmetry), and
  • if x>y and y>z then x>z (transitivity).
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