Represents a URI Path segment part

By: Stéphane Épardaud

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PathSegment(String name, Parameter[] parameters)
  • name

    The path segment name

  • parameters

    The path segment parameters

hashSource Codeshared actual Integer hash

The hash value of the value, which allows the value to be an element of a hash-based set or key of a hash-based map. Implementations must respect the constraint that:

  • if x==y then x.hash==y.hash.

Therefore, a class which refines equals must also refine hash.

Because the Integer type is platform-dependent a compiler for a given platform is permitted to further manipulate the calculated hash for an object, and the resulting hash may differ between platforms.

Refines Identifiable.hash (hash) ultimately refines Object.hash (hash)
humanRepresentationSource Codeshared String humanRepresentation

Returns a human (non parseable) representation of this part

nameSource Codeshared String name

The path segment name

parametersSource Codeshared Parameter[] parameters

The path segment parameters

stringSource Codeshared actual String string

Returns an externalisable (percent-encoded) representation of this part

Refines Object.string (string)
Inherited Attributes
Attributes inherited from: Object
hash, string
equalsSource Codeshared actual Boolean equals(Object that)

Returns true if the given object is the same as this object

Refines Identifiable.equals (equals) ultimately refines Object.equals (equals)
toRepresentationSource Codeshared String toRepresentation(Boolean human)

Returns either an externalisable (percent-encoded) or human (non parseable) representation of this part

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