floatSource Codeshared formal Float float

The number, represented as a Float. If the magnitude of this number is too large the result will be infinity or -infinity. If the result is finite, precision may still be lost.

implementationSource Codeshared formal Object? implementation

The platform-specific implementation object, if any. This is provided for interoperation with the runtime platform.

integerSource Codeshared formal Integer integer

The number, represented as an Integer. If the number is too big to fit in an Integer then an Integer corresponding to the lower order bits is returned.

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moduloPowerSource Codeshared formal Whole moduloPower(Whole exponent, Whole modulus)

The result of (this^exponent) mod modulus.

offsetSource Codeshared formal Integer offset(Whole other)

The distance between this whole and the other whole

  • OverflowException

    The numbers differ by an amount larger than can be represented as an Integer

powerSource Codeshared formal Whole power(Whole exponent)

The result of raising this number to the given power.

Special cases:

  • Returns one if this is one (or all powers)
  • Returns one if this is minus one and the power is even
  • Returns minus one if this is minus one and the power is odd
  • Returns one if the power is zero.
  • Otherwise negative powers result in an Exception being thrown
  • Exception

    If passed a negative or large positive exponent

powerRemainderSource Codeshared Whole powerRemainder(Whole exponent, Whole modulus)

Deprecated: Renamed to moduloPower().

See also moduloPower()
quotientAndRemainderSource Codeshared formal Whole[2] quotientAndRemainder(Whole other)

Returns a pair containing the same results as calling divided() and remainder() with the given argument, except the division is only performed once.

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