Contains code for rendering trees of nodes parsed by ceylon.markdown.parser.

elideInTightListshared Boolean elideInTightList(Node node)

Returns true if the grandparent of the given node, which is probably a Paragraph, is a “tight” list.

headingIdshared String headingId(String headingText)

Returns the given headingText, converted into a form suitable for use in HTML ID attributes.

headingIdAttributeshared String? headingIdAttribute(RenderOptions options)(Node node)

Returns an ID attribute for the given [node], if the given options call for one.

languageAttributeshared String? languageAttribute(RenderOptions options)(Node node)

Returns a code language attribute for the given node, using the language specified in the node, if there is one, or the default language specified in the given options, if one was specified.

CeylonHtmlRenderershared CeylonHtmlRenderer

A renderer that produces a sequence of elements compatible with classes in ceylon.html.

RawHtmlRenderershared RawHtmlRenderer

A renderer that produces a String of raw HTML.

RenderOptionsshared RenderOptions

Options that can be parsed to the constructor of the renderer, to control some of the rendering behavior.

Renderershared abstract Renderer<Output>

A renderer that takes a tree of Node objects as input and produces the specified Output.