A renderer that produces a sequence of elements compatible with classes in ceylon.html.

no subtypes hierarchy

CeylonHtmlRenderer(RenderOptions options = ...)
  • options = RenderOptions()
Inherited Attributes
Attributes inherited from: Object
hash, string
Attributes inherited from: Renderer<Output>
blockQuoteshared default Elements blockQuote(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
codeshared default Elements code(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
codeBlockshared default Elements codeBlock(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
emphasisshared default Elements emphasis(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
headingshared default Elements heading(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
htmlBlockshared default Elements htmlBlock(AstNode node, Anything _)
htmlInlineshared default Elements htmlInline(AstNode node, Anything _)
imageshared default Elements image(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
itemshared default Elements item(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
lineBreakshared default Elements lineBreak(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
shared default Elements link(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
listshared default Elements list(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
narrowshared {CharacterData|HtmlNode&Type*} narrow<Type>({Element*} children)
paragraphshared default Elements paragraph(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
rendershared actual Element[] render(AstNode root)

Renders the given tree, starting at its root.

softBreakshared default Elements softBreak(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
shared default Elements specialLink(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
strongshared default Elements strong(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
textshared default Elements text(AstNode node, Anything _ = null)
  • _ = null
thematicBreakshared default Elements thematicBreak(AstNode node, {Element*} children)
Inherited Methods
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Methods inherited from: Renderer<Output>
Nested Aliases
Elementshared Element=> CharacterData|HtmlNode

Alias for the type of objects that this renderer will output. These objects should be able to become children of most block-level elements found in ceylon.html.

Elementsshared Elements=> Element|{Element*}

Alias for a single Element object or a stream of them.