The various types of Nodes that the Parser can generate.

no subtypes hierarchy

blockQuoteshared blockQuote
codeshared code
codeBlockshared codeBlock
documentshared document
emphasisshared emphasis
headingshared heading
htmlBlockshared htmlBlock
htmlInlineshared htmlInline
imageshared image
itemshared item
lineBreakshared lineBreak
shared link
listshared list
paragraphshared paragraph
softBreakshared softBreak
shared specialLink
strongshared strong
textshared text
thematicBreakshared thematicBreak
commonmarkJsTypeshared String commonmarkJsType
containershared Boolean container
stringshared actual String string

A developer-friendly string representing the instance. Concatenates the name of the concrete class of the instance with the hash of the instance. Subclasses are encouraged to refine this implementation to produce a more meaningful representation.

Refines Object.string
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hash, string
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