elideInTightListshared Boolean elideInTightList(Node node)

Returns true if the grandparent of the given node, which is probably a Paragraph, is a “tight” list.

escapeHtmlshared String escapeHtml(String string, Boolean preserveEntities = false)

Escapes dangerous characters in the given string by substituting in their equivalent HTML entities. If preserveEntities is true, this function will avoid double-escaping HTML entities that it finds.

  • preserveEntities = false
headingIdshared String headingId(String headingText)
headingIdAttributeshared String? headingIdAttribute(RenderOptions options)(Node node)
languageAttributeshared String? languageAttribute(RenderOptions options)(Node node)
textContentshared String textContent(Node root)

Collects and returns all text content contained in the given root and its children.

CeylonHtmlRenderershared CeylonHtmlRenderer
RawHtmlRenderershared RawHtmlRenderer
RenderOptionsshared RenderOptions