entitiesshared entities entities
entityshared String entity= "&(?:#x[a-f0-9]{1,8}|#[0-9]{1,8}|[a-z][a-z0-9]{1,31});"
entityMapshared Map<String,String> entityMap

Maps HTML entites to the character(s) they represent. This file was created by util.ceylon.markdown.fetchentitymap::run and was parsed from the HTML spec.

shared void transformSpecialLinks(Node root, Node? transform(String content))

Walks the AST, starting at the given root, applying the given transform() operation to all “special link” nodes that are found.

  • transform

    A function that takes the content of a “special link” node and returns the node that should replace it, if appropriate, or null, if the original node should be left alone.

WalkableNodeshared dynamic WalkableNode<Type>
BlockStatusshared BlockStatus
Continuationshared Continuation
Documentshared Document
ListDatashared ListData
Nodeshared Node
NodeTypeshared NodeType
NodeWalkershared NodeWalker<Type>
given Type satisfies WalkableNode<Type>
ParseOptionsshared ParseOptions
Parsershared Parser
SourceLocshared SourceLoc
SourcePosshared SourcePos
entitiesshared entities