Node(NodeType nodeType, SourcePos? sourcePos = null)
  • sourcePos = null
destinationshared actual variable String? destination
fenceCharactershared variable Character? fenceCharacter
fenceLengthshared variable Integer fenceLength
fenceOffsetshared variable Integer fenceOffset
fencedshared variable Boolean fenced
firstChildshared actual variable Node? firstChild
htmlBlockTypeshared variable Integer htmlBlockType
infoshared actual variable String? info
isContainershared actual Boolean isContainer
lastChildshared actual variable Node? lastChild
lastLineBlankshared variable Boolean lastLineBlank
levelshared actual variable Integer? level
listBulletCharactershared Character? listBulletCharacter
listDatashared variable ListData listData
listDelimitershared actual String? listDelimiter
listMarkerOffsetshared Integer listMarkerOffset
listPaddingshared Integer listPadding
listStartshared actual Integer? listStart
listTightshared actual Boolean? listTight
listTypeshared actual String? listType
literalshared actual variable String? literal
nextshared actual variable Node? next
nodeTypeshared NodeType nodeType
openshared variable Boolean open
parentshared actual variable Node? parent
prevshared actual variable Node? prev
sourcePosshared SourcePos? sourcePos
stringContentshared variable StringBuilder? stringContent
titleshared actual variable String? title
typeshared actual String type= nodeType.commonmarkJsType
Inherited Attributes
Attributes inherited from: Object
hash, string
Attributes inherited from: Iterable<Element,Absent>
coalesced, cycled, distinct, empty, exceptLast, first, indexed, last, paired, rest, size, string
Attributes inherited from: WalkableNode<Type>
appendChildshared void appendChild(Node child)
appendStringContentshared void appendStringContent(String content)
clearStringContentshared void clearStringContent()
insertAftershared void insertAfter(Node sibling)

Inserts the given sibling node after this node.

iteratorshared actual Iterator<[Boolean, Node]> iterator()

An iterator for the elements belonging to this stream.

If this is a nonempty stream with type {Element+}, the iterator must produce at least one element.

Refines Iterable.iterator
setStringContentshared void setStringContent(String string)
shared void unlink()
Inherited Methods
Methods inherited from: Object
Methods inherited from: Category<Element>
contains, containsAny, containsEvery
Methods inherited from: Iterable<Element,Absent>
any, by, chain, collect, contains, count, defaultNullElements, each, every, filter, find, findLast, flatMap, fold, follow, frequencies, getFromFirst, group, indexes, interpose, iterator, locate, locateLast, locations, longerThan, map, max, narrow, partition, product, reduce, repeat, scan, select, sequence, shorterThan, skip, skipWhile, sort, spread, summarize, tabulate, take, takeWhile