Priority(String string, Integer integer)
  • string

    The name of this priority.

  • integer

    An integer measuring the importance of this Priority.

stringSource Codeshared actual String string

The name of this priority.

Inherited Attributes
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compareSource Codeshared actual Comparison compare(Priority other)

Compares this value with the given value, returning:

  • larger, if this value is strictly larger than the given value,
  • smaller, if this value is strictly smaller than the given value, or
  • equal, if this value is equal (equals) to the given value.

For any two values x and y such that the expression is well-typed, the expression may be written:

x <=> y 

Implementations must respect the constraints that:

  • x==y if and only if x<=>y == equal (consistency with equals()),
  • if x>y then y<x (symmetry), and
  • if x>y and y>z then x>z (transitivity).
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