import ceylon.language { AnnotationType = Annotation }

"""The declaration model of a class that has a parameter list rather than
   explicit constructors. For example:
       class Color(Integer rgba) {
   Such classes have a meaningful parameter list and for abstraction purposes
   have a single [[defaultConstructor]] representing the
   class' parameter list and the class initializer code.
   This "constructor" will have the same 
   [[SharedAnnotation]], [[DeprecationAnnotation]] 
   and [[ThrownExceptionAnnotation]]
   annotations as the class, but will have no 
   other annotations.
see(`interface ClassWithConstructorsDeclaration`)
shared sealed interface ClassWithInitializerDeclaration 
        satisfies ClassDeclaration {
    "A CallableConstructorDeclaration representing the class initializer."
    shared actual formal CallableConstructorDeclaration defaultConstructor;
    "The list of parameter declarations for this class."
    shared actual formal FunctionOrValueDeclaration[] parameterDeclarations;
    "A singleton sequence containing the [[defaultConstructor]]."
    shared actual default Sequence<CallableConstructorDeclaration> constructorDeclarations() 
            => Singleton(defaultConstructor);
    shared actual default CallableConstructorDeclaration? getConstructorDeclaration(String name) 
            => if (name.empty) then defaultConstructor else null;
    shared actual formal CallableConstructorDeclaration[] annotatedConstructorDeclarations<Annotation>()
            given Annotation satisfies AnnotationType;