Represents the list of Ceylon modules currently loaded at runtime.

Note that this contains all loaded modules, including those that are not imported by your module.

Since Ceylon supports module isolation at runtime, it is possible that there are more than one version of a given module loaded at the same time.

Usage example

Here's how you would iterate all the loaded modules and print their name and version:

import ceylon.language.meta { modules }

for(mod in modules.list){
    print("Module: ````/``mod.version``");

no subtypes hierarchy

defaultSource Codeshared Module? default

Returns the default module, if there is one. This is only the case when you are running the default module.

listSource Codeshared Module[] list

Returns the list of all currently loaded modules. This may include modules that were not imported directly by your module, and multiple versions of the same module.

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findSource Codeshared Module? find(String name, String version)

Finds a module by name and version, returns null if not found.

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