A value model represents the model of a Ceylon value that you can read and inspect.

A value is a toplevel binding, declared on a package.

This is a ValueModel that you can query for a value declaration's current value:

shared String foo = "Hello";

void test(){
    Value<String> val = `foo`;
    // This will print: Hello

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getSource Codeshared formal Get get()

Reads the current value for this value binding. Note that in the case of getter values, this can throw if the getter throws.

setSource Codeshared formal void set(Set newValue)

Changes this variable's value to the given new value. Note that in the case of setter attributes, this can throw if the setter throws.

setIfAssignableSource Codeshared formal void setIfAssignable(Anything newValue)

Non type-safe equivalent to set(), to be used when you don't know the variable type at compile-time. This only works if the underlying value is variable. Note that if the underlying variable is a setter, this can throw exceptions thrown in the setter block.

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