Declaration which can be invoked, and may have parameters. Classes and functions are functional declarations.

Note that multiple-parameter lists are not reified at runtime, so if you have a function declaration like this:

Integer add(Integer a)(Integer b) => a + b;

It will only have a single parameter list at runtime (the first), and its return type will be Callable<Integer,[Integer]>.

no type hierarchy

no supertypes hierarchy

annotationSource Codeshared formal Boolean annotation

True if the current declaration is an annotation class or function.

parameterDeclarationsSource Codeshared formal FunctionOrValueDeclaration[] parameterDeclarations

The list of parameter declarations for this functional declaration.

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getParameterDeclarationSource Codeshared formal FunctionOrValueDeclaration? getParameterDeclaration(String name)

Gets a parameter declaration by name. Returns null if no such parameter exists.

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