"Given a stream of [[Comparable]] values, return the largest 
 value in the stream, or `null` if the stream is empty.
 For any nonempty stream `it`, `max(it)` evaluates to the 
 first element of `it` such that for every element `e` of 
 `it`, `max(it) >= e`.
 Note that [[Iterable.max]] may be used to find the largest 
 value in any stream, as determined by a given comparator 
see (`interface Comparable`, 
     `function min`, 
     `function largest`,
     `function Iterable.max`)
shared Absent|Value max<Value,Absent>
        (Iterable<Value,Absent> values) 
        given Value satisfies Comparable<Value>
        given Absent satisfies Null {
    value it = values.iterator();
    if (!is Finished first = it.next()) {
        variable value max = first;
        while (!is Finished val = it.next()) {
            if (val>max) {
                max = val;
        return max;
    else {
        "iterable must be empty"
        assert (is Absent null);
        return null;