The general contract for values whose magnitude can be compared. Comparable imposes a total ordering upon instances of any type that satisfies the interface.

If a type T satisfies Comparable<T>, then instances of T may be compared using the comparison operators <, >, <=, >=.

assert (x>=0.0);

A ternary comparison is useful for asserting lower and upper bounds.

assert (0.0<=x<1.0);

Finally, the compare operator <=> may be used to produce an instance of Comparison.

switch (x<=>y)
case (equal) {
    print("same same");
case (smaller) {
    print("x smaller");
case (larger) {
    print("y smaller");

The total order of a type must be consistent with the definition of equality for the type. That is, there are three mutually exclusive possibilities:

  • x<y,
  • x>y, or
  • x==y

(These possibilities are expressed by the enumerated instances smaller, larger, and equal of Comparison.)

The order imposed by Comparable is sometimes called the natural order of a type, to reflect the fact that any function of type Comparison(T,T) might determine a different order. Thus, some order-related operations come in two flavors: a flavor that depends upon the natural order, and a flavor which accepts an arbitrary comparator function. Examples are:

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Inherited Attributes
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compareSource Codeshared formal Comparison compare(Other other)

Compares this value with the given value. Implementations must respect the constraints that:

  • x==y if and only if x<=>y == equal (consistency with equals()),
  • if x>y then y<x (symmetry), and
  • if x>y and y>z then x>z (transitivity).
largerThanSource Codeshared default Boolean largerThan(Other other)

Determines if this value is strictly larger than the given value.

notLargerThanSource Codeshared default Boolean notLargerThan(Other other)

Determines if this value is smaller than or equal to the given value.

notSmallerThanSource Codeshared default Boolean notSmallerThan(Other other)

Determines if this value is larger than or equal to the given value.

smallerThanSource Codeshared default Boolean smallerThan(Other other)

Determines if this value is strictly smaller than the given value.

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