Direct Known Satisfying Classes: nothingType
Direct Known Satisfying Interfaces: ClassOrInterface<Type>, IntersectionType<Intersection>, UnionType<Union>

A closed type.

A closed type is a type which is fully resolved and bound and contains no open type variables. All instance types are closed at runtime.

You have only four sorts of types:

Inherited Attributes
Attributes inherited from: Object
exactlySource Code
shared formal Boolean exactly(Type<Anything> type)

True if the given type is a exactly this type.

subtypeOfSource Code
shared default Boolean subtypeOf(Type<Anything> type)

True if the given type is a subtype of this type.

supertypeOfSource Code
shared formal Boolean supertypeOf(Type<Anything> type)

True if the given type is a supertype of this type.

typeOfSource Code
shared formal Boolean typeOf(Anything instance)

True if the given instance is of this type, or is of a subtype of this type.

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